Best Practices for PWA Web Push Notifications

Push Title:

The title is the first thing your customer will see. It should be short and sweet. Keep it crisp and simple. The title should clearly state what the notification is about. Create a title that piques the user’s curiosity. A curious user is more likely to click on the notification to see what it is about.

Push Message:

The description is the space to convey the message. Briefly explain the value proposition of the notification. Keep it informative and in sync with the title.

Click Action URL:

This is the click action link of a push notification. If you leave it empty, the default PWA Link will be automatically added, and it will redirect the user to your installed PWA or PWA in the browser upon clicking the push notification. You can also use any external URL here.


You can enhance your push notification with an image. There’s an option to upload a push image. Keep your push image lightweight in size (less than 1 MB) and in PNG or JPG format.

The actual rendering of the Web Push Notification (length of push title & push message) depends on the device’s screen size, OS, and browser version being used.

For Android Chrome: The ideal push title character limit is 20 to 30, considering the types of screen size.

For Desktop Chrome: The ideal push title character limit is 40 to 60. Though, it’s ideal to use fewer characters to attract your users as well as to fit best view on Android Chrome.

Push message character limit isn’t specified, you can expect maximum 120 characters but maximum 100 characters recommended (without push image). With a push image, push message text will be truncated (usually at 30+ characters) on Android.

Only Android & Desktop (windows) chrome browser supports push image. Chrome removed image support for MacOS in Chrome 59.

Push Image Size: Chrome on Windows: 360×180 (px) or 2:1 aspect ratio Chrome on Android: 1024×512 (px) or 2:1 aspect ratio (Maximum: 2048×1024)

So you can use a push image with 2:1 aspect ratio like 1024×512 which fits best on Android & Windows.