Branch Menu Layout


  • Dual Menu: Branch Menu & Side Menu
  • Side Menu Style: Layout – 9 & 99 without logo
  • Customizable Side Menu Width
  • Customizable┬áSide Menu Open/Close Toggle Button Icon Image
  • Side Menu Text Transform Option
  • Customizable Branch Toggle Icon Color & BG Color
  • Customizable Branch Line Color & Menu Border Color

Layout Preview:

You can customize side menu open/close toggle button icon using image URL.

Example Icons:

Branch Menu consists first five features of an app, you can hide first five features from side menu using CSS nth-child formula as listed below.
.layout.b1 #sidebar ul li:nth-child(-n+5) { display: none; }
Note: This layout is Compatible with Self-hosted Siberian SAE, MAE & PE from v-4.20.23 and above.

Layouts updates change-log: