15 CSS Codes for Siberian Apps

Note: Customers of CSS Codes Collection Module don’t require downloading these Codes, they can directly import these codes using JSON URL given in the module itself.

(01) Horizontal Menu Design for Layout-9:

(02) Gradient Background for Layout-9:

(03) Background Image for Layout-9:

(04) Add some spaces between Layout-18 menu items:

(05) Add a background image to the header of the app:

(06) 1 Feature 1 Color using nth-child:

(07) Hide menu item using nth-child:

(08) Remove the menu’s shadow for Layout 1/2/10:

(09) Resize Menu Icons:

(10) Change the Menu Height of Layout-6:

(11) First Letter CSS for Layout-7:

(12) Button Border Radius for My account Feature:

(13) Adapt the height of the image gallery in the Custom Page:

(14) Booking Feature List Margin:

(15) Contact Feature Button Entrance ZoomIn Animation Effect:

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