Google Sheets to Dynamic HTML

This is not a module, it’s a bundle of dynamic HTML Templates with Google Sheets as data source.

This is an alternative to SaaS tools like,,,, etc.

You can use google sheets as your simple database!

If you work with non-IT people, use Google Sheets as a database for your projects. Google Spreadsheet is a great CMS that everyone know how to use!

We are aware that you / your client don’t know coding that’s why we have built these dynamic HTML templates so you can manage data from Google sheets and you have to customize the HTML code minimum just like basic changes of sheet ID, name, API key, title or colors codes etc.

We have given tutorials for how to create Google sheets API key, how to create Google sheet and sheet format for specific HTML template. We haven’t mentioned our name or logo in tutorials so you can use our tutorials directly on your website, this will save your time!

How it works?

(1) You can put your data on Google sheets

(2) Change your API key, Sheet ID & Name into HTML template

(3) Copy-paste HTML template code into Siberian source code module

We are using Google Sheets API v4 (which is FREE and has some usage quota limits) to get Google sheets data as JSON data into template and then script will auto create dynamic HTML content from fetched JSON data.

15+ Use Cases & 75+ Dynamic HTML Templates:

  • Dynamic HTML Table (6 Templates)
  • Dynamic Food Menu (18 Templates)
  • Dynamic Opening Hours (4 Templates)
  • Dynamic Accordion FAQs (10 Templates)
  • Dynamic Accordion List (2 Templates)
  • Dynamic Listings / Directory (2 Templates)
  • Dynamic Quotes / Greetings List (2 Templates)
  • Dynamic Features / Services List (10 Templates)
  • Dynamic Event Calendar (1 Template)
  • Dynamic Charts (5 Templates)
  • Dynamic Products List (3 Templates)
  • Dynamic Team Showcase (2 Templates)
  • Dynamic Testimonials (2 Templates)
  • Dynamic Progress Bar (2 Templates)
  • Dynamic Timeline (4 Templates)
  • Dynamic Counter (2 Templates)
  • Dynamic Buttons (2 Templates)

Screenshots of Use Cases / Dynamic HTML Templates:

(1) Dynamic HTML Table: You can use data table for many purposes like product specifications, list, comparison etc.

Bordered Table:

Striped Table:

Striped + Bordered Table:

(2) Dynamic Food Menu: You can use food menu for many purposes like restaurant menu, fast food menu, drinks menu, café menu, bakery menu, ice-cream menu etc.

Single Menu:

Single Menu with Multiple Price:

Single Menu with Description:

Single Menu with Images & Description:

Multiple Items Menu:

Multiple Menu with Tabs:

Multiple Tabs Menu with Icon Images:

Multiple Items Multiple Price Menu:

Multiple Items Multiple Price Menu Table:

(3) Dynamic Opening Hours: You can use opening hours for displaying your restaurant / any shop / business working hours.

(4) Dynamic Accordion FAQs (Single & Multiple open at a time): You can use it for displaying FAQs more stylish and professionally. We have included both templates versions – single and multiple open at a time.

(5) Dynamic Accordion List (Single & Multiple open at a time): You can use it for displaying list of items, products, services, features etc.

(6) Dynamic Directory / Listings: You can use it for various directory purposes like doctors directory, employee directory, restaurant / hotel / resort directory, spa / salon directory etc. Click to call & click to share on WhatsApp functionalities included.

(7) Dynamic Quotes / Greetings: You can use it for various list purposes like quotes list, birthday or anniversary wishes messages list, jokes list etc. Social sharing functionality also given.

(8) Dynamic Features / Services List: You can use it for various list purposes like features list, services list, amenities list, what we do list, why choose us list, benefits list etc.

Features / Service Box:

(9) Dynamic Calendar: You can use this dynamic calendar for many purposes like public holidays calendar, birthdays calendar, school / colleges / city / religious / business events calendar, meetings / task / sports schedule calendar etc.

You can display single or multiple events on same days, highlight today, mark event as repeating each year, customize colors etc.

(10) Dynamic Charts: You can use dynamic charts for various data visualization purposes. We have given examples of Line Chart, Bar / Horizontal Bar Chart, Pie Chart & Doughnut Chart.

(11) Dynamic Products List: You can display a list of products.

(12) Dynamic Team Showcase: You can display a list of team members.

(13) Dynamic Testimonials: You can display a list of user’s testimonials or feedback.

(14) Dynamic Progress Bar: You can display animated progress bar.

(15) Dynamic Timeline: You can display timeline with year, title & description.

(16) Dynamic Counter: You can display a counter with title & animated numbers count.

(17) Dynamic Buttons: You can display buttons with in-app links.


  • This is not a module, it’s a bundle of single page dynamic html templates which can be used with Siberian Source Code Module. You can customize HTML templates yourself, If you want to hire us for customizations, we will charge a nominal fee for our efforts and time.
  • Just edit the html file and copy-paste code into Siberian Source Code Module.
  • You don’t have to upload zip file anywhere on your Siberian. Just unzip it, you will find all html files & PDF tutorials in it.
  • You can view our demo Google Spreadsheet here.
  • You can bulk display this bundle into HTML Codes Collection Module. More instructions regarding it available here.


  • First release with 40 templates for first 5 use cases. (24 May, 2021)
  • Second release with 14 templates for next 3 use cases. (07 June, 2021)
  • Third final release with 23 templates for next 9 use cases. (26 June, 2021)