Layout-S39 CSS Codes

These CSS codes will help you to customise the design of Layout-S39.

You must have purchased Layout-S39 to use these codes.

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(1) Layout-S39 Change the side menu style:

(2) Layout-S39 Change the slider caption position:

(3) Layout-S39 Center slider pager:

(4) Layout-S39 Apply a border radius to footer menu items:

(5) Layout-S39 Change the background and border color of footer menu items:

(6) Layout-S39 Apply a background to footer menu:

(7) Layout-S39 Apply a background to menu button:

(8) Layout-S39 Apply a gradient background to side menu items:

(9) Layout-S39 Change menu button icon as an image:


  • After purchase, you will get a zip file, just unzip it, you will find txt files for CSS Code. You can copy-paste CSS code in Colors Section > Advanced Customization CSS / SCSS Section.
  • You don’t have to upload this zip file anywhere.
  • This is a CSS code so support is only for any bug/error in the code. Customizations / Modifications are not included in the support. If you need any additional changes, we will charge a nominal fee for our efforts and time.