Re-order Sidebar Modules Links

By using this CSS code you can change the order of editor modules links as shown in the image below. You will require User-styler module to apply this CSS code.



  • This CSS code is FREE so we don’t provide any FREE support.
  • You can get this CSS code for FREE, If you like & find it useful then please consider to pay a nominal amount.

How to use this code?

You can copy-paste CSS Code in User-styler module.

Go to your Siberian Back Office > Manage > Module > User Styler > Front-end User-Style CSS Editor

After copy-paste, click on Save button.

Now clear cache from back office dashboard & access your Siberian Editor in incognito mode in chrome browser to avoid cache.

Live Demo:

(It’s better to access this website in incognito mode to avoid cache.)

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Password: pwademo123

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