WhatsApp Form Details

Usually users are getting form submissions in email and then they are saving entries into excel sheet and then after they call or WhatsApp to peoples. For small businesses, this process is somehow long and time consuming. Many business owners want direct valid leads / phone numbers so that they can start conversion with buyer more quickly. Sometimes response over email take some times while WhatsApp response is more quickly.

Receive form submission as a WhatsApp message, collect your users data or leads more quickly and easily. With this html template, on click of a form submit button, your customers will be auto redirected to WhatsApp. They will send you filled form details as a personalized message.

Direct and instant communication with your customers! Let give them a chance to inquire / contact and start direct chat with customers. Convert your genuine leads into customers!

You are creating a direct bound with your customers. Loyal customer, will know where to find you next time.

You can use this form as contact form, registration form, inquiry form etc. as you want.

Example Use Cases:

For product/machine manufacturing company, you can use this as a contact / inquiry form and get buyers filled form details on WhatsApp as messages.

For service based business, you can use this as a contact / inquiry / registration form and get customers filled form details on WhatsApp as messages.

Built using the evergreen technologies Bootstrap & jQuery!

All basic required form fields are included in the example like Input type text, email, number, text area, select box, radio button & checkbox.

You can change your WhatsApp number, submission message etc. in the code.



  • This is not a module, it’s a single page html template which can be used with Siberian Source Code Module.
  • Nothing to install or upload on server, just edit the html file and copy-paste code into Source Code Module.
  • This is a simple html template which you can customize yourself, If you want to hire us for customizations, we will charge a nominal fee for our efforts and time.
  • Comments are given in the code itself, so no need of any documentation.