How to get Firebase Config for PWA Web Push?

Video tutorial link:

Visit and click on “Go to console” shown at top right corner. Then click on “Create a project” or “Add Project”.

Give your project a name like webpush, (If required, tickmark the “I accept the terms”) and click on the “Continue” button.

You don’t have to enable Google Analytics, If it’s enabled then disable it and then click on the “Create project” button.

Wait for a moment to finish setup and then click on the “Continue” button.

Click on the “Settings icon” and choose “Project settings“.

Click on </> icon.

Give your App nickname like webpush and then click on the “Register app” button.

Now note that you don’t have to copy whole data, just copy data which is in curly brackets {}. (You have to paste it in BackOffice >> Manage >> Modules >> PWA Push >> Firebase Config Details) Then click on the “Continue to console” button.

Now click on the “Cloud Messaging” tab.

Now cloud messaging legacy API will be disabled by default, to enable it, click on the three dots.

Then click on the “Manage API in Google Cloud Console“.

It will open the console in a new tab, click on the “Enable“.

Once it gets enabled, refresh your cloud messaging tab, you will find your server key there.

Email your firebase config & server key to us, we’ll configure PWA push module for you.

That’s it.