Google Client ID & Secret for Social Auth Module

This is a tutorial for how to get Google client ID & client secret for Siberian Social Auth module.

(1) Go to Google cloud console. If you haven’t used cloud console before then Google may ask you to identify your country and agree to its terms of service. Then click on “AGREE AND CONTINUE”.

Click on “Select Project” from the menu bar and then click on “NEW PROJECT”.

(2) In the Project name field, enter the name of the new project, for example XYZ App Builder and click on “CREATE”.

Now it will take few seconds to create a project and then click on “SELECT PROJECT”.

(3) Now click on menu icon (three dashes in the upper left corner) and click on “APIs & Services > Dashboard”.

Now click on “ENABLE APIS & SERVICE”.

Now Search for Google+ and click on “Google+ API“.

Now click on “Enable“.

(4) Now select “Credentials” from the left side menu.