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The main purpose of this module is to display content based on previous – next concept. You can use this module for various purposes like quotes, tips, book chapters, stories, general knowledge etc.

Editor Module Screenshots:

Add new item: You can add a new item with title, sub-title, image URL, description, external link button & in-app-link button.

Additional comfort for customers of our Links library module:

If you have our Links Library module v1.1.0, then a link “Click here to see all in-app-links” will be shown there, otherwise it will be hidden. On click of this link, it will open a list of all in-app-links in a new browser tab, so you can easily get in-app-link data state & params.

Manage Items: You can edit, delete and reorder items using drag and drop. Items will be displayed into an app based position numbers.

Settings: You can set items order as ascending / descending order. You can enable share button and set share button text. You can also include default Siberian app universal link in the share text. You can set text-align of a sub-title & description.

App Screenshots:


  • Title header bar will be fixed, so it will always be visible on scroll.
  • Share function will share plain text only (title + sub-title + description). It won’t share image or image URL. Description text will be converted to plain text without any CK editor formatting. We’re using latest universal social sharing.
  • On first item, previous button will be disabled because there’s no any previous item before the first item.
  • On last item, next button will be disabled because there’s no any next item after the last item.
  • There won’t be any swipe system, there will be previous & next button arrows.

Prev Next Module Demo:

Visit: and login with below details:

Password: pwademo123

After a login, open any app and go to Features page and add Prev Next feature to your app.

Animated GIF Preview:


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