PWA Browser Support

Android Chrome browser has the best support for PWA.

Android Chrome & Edge browser automatically shows PWA Install Prompt. While other browsers like Firefox, iOS Safari has add to home-screen feature but doesn’t show install prompt automatically.

These day even on android chromium browsers like chrome, edge, brave, mostly pwa install prompt not shown, so we’ve made a custom install android popup to trigger a pwa install prompt.

PWA Splash Screen supports in Android Chrome & iPhone Safari Browser (iOS 11.4+).

Desktop PWA supports in Windows Chrome & Edge browser.

Web Share API supports in Android Chrome Browser & iPhone Safari Browser (iOS 12.2+)

Web Push Notification supports in Android Chrome, Windows Chrome, macOS Chrome, iOS Safari (iOS 16.4+ Standalone mode), macOS Safari 16 on macOS Ventura or higher.

Web Push notification also supports on Android Firefox, Android Opera, Android Samsung Internet, Windows Firefox, Windows Edge, Windows Opera, macOS Firefox, macOS Edge and macOS Opera. For some browsers, notification settings may require in a browser and operating system.

Above browser support available on PWAs generated using PWA Creator Module v3.1.0 and above.