How to add PWA Custom Domain?


  • You must have to create CNAME record in your domain DNS that points to your Siberian URL.
  • Make sure your Siberian is a default website on your server. Click here for server settings if you haven’t done it already.
  • Your client custom domain/sub-domain (that you are going to use) should have a SSL certificate. If not then PWA functionality won’t work. Suppose you want to add as custom PWA domain then your must have a SSL certificate. (Note that if has a SSL, but doesn’t have a SSL then it won’t work.) You can use cloudflare with proxy.
  • Don’t mix domain with your Web App and PWA. Suppose you already used for your WebApp then don’t use this domain for your PWA. You must have to use other domain like for your PWA.
  • Never try to add your Siberian URL or any Reseller URL as a PWA custom domain otherwise it will break it.

After adding the correct CNAME record, go to Siberian BackOffice > Manage > Modules > PWA BackOffice

Then click on the button “Custom Domain Activator”. It will open a page like below in another browser window.

Here in this page under Add PWA Custom Domain section, fill your domain name & app URL key and then click on the Add button.

Note: Only put your domain name (without http://, https://), Don’t put any blank spaces or / at the end.

If you want to delete the custom domain for PWA then just click on the red delete button from the list table.


(1) How to add CNAME record? How to make my Siberian website as a default website of my server?

It’s the same way as you do for Siberian WebApp. Click here for more information

(2) Can I use main domain as Custom Domain instead of a sub-domain?

Yes you can but in this case you have to use www in CNAME record instead of a sub-domain.

(3) Cloudflare works?

Yes cloudflare works (with proxy) and we recommend to use only cloudflare for PWA custom domain. Sometimes you will get an error like too many redirections (that’s because of you have force redirected http to https on your Siberian) then try to change your SSL encryption mode in cloudflare from Flexible to full or disable force redirection of http to https on your Siberian.

Click here for a video tutorial for how to add PWA custom domain using cloudflare.

(4) Can I link custom domain without cloudflare?

Yes you can but your domain should have SSL certificate as said in above notes. If you can manage SSL yourself then you can use it but we recommend only Cloudflare.

(5) I don’t want to bother with all these; can I simply use URL forwarding?

Yes, as a simple and short solution you can forward your client domain to his/her PWA URL.