PWA Push Notes

Siberian PWA Web Push notification limitations:

  • You can’t send individual or scheduled push notifications in PWA.
  • You can’t open internal pages of an app using click action link.


  • From the PWA Creator v3.0.0, Web Push Notification supports in Android Chrome, Windows Chrome, macOS Chrome, iOS Safari (iOS 16.4+ Standalone mode), macOS Safari 16 on macOS Ventura or higher.
  • Web Push notification also supports on Android Firefox, Android Opera, Android Samsung Internet, Windows Firefox, Windows Edge, Windows Opera, macOS Firefox, macOS Edge and macOS Opera. For some browsers, notification settings may require in a browser and operating system.
  • On iOS Safari 16.4+, PWA push subscribe prompt will be displayed only after the PWA has been added to the home-screen (Standalone mode).
  • After successfully subscribed to web push, a success message will be displayed like “Successfully subscribed for push”. You can customise it in PWA Creator editor module and you can also enable welcome push notification.
  • If the user has subscribed/blocked the web push then push subscribe prompt won’t be shown to the user.
  • You can manage when to display push subscribe prompt on how many every X visits. On the first visit it will display and then after on every X visits which you have set in the push subscribe details section.
  • You can only subscribe to web push one time in a single domain. It means if you have multiple push enabled PWAs of the same domain and if you have subscribed to push in your earlier PWA then you can’t subscribe for push in your other PWAs. As an admin, you will face this situation often during your testing, so always uninstall your old PWAs, clear browser cookies & cache and reset push permission while testing your new PWA.