Individual User Links – Siberian CMS Module

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What’s the purpose of this module?

The main purpose of this module is displaying individual user specific links into the app.

Use cases:

  • Teachers can display links of assignments to students.
  • Manufacturers can display links of orders / invoices / catalog to customers.
  • Insurance company/agents can display links of insurance soft-copy to customers.
  • Laboratories can display links of soft-copy of patient’s reports.
  • Trainers can display links of their tailored workouts to clients.
  • Agencies can display links of their customised quotations / packages to clients.

Module features:

  • Assign link to single or multiple users
  • List & card design
  • Two layouts
  • Cover image, welcome text & description text
  • Search functionality
  • Two types of links: External app & In-app-link
  • Remarks field for admin notes

Editor Module Screenshots:

Settings: You can set list / card design, layout, cover image, description text etc.

Add new link: You can set link title, link icon image, link type etc.

Link type:

(1) External browser means this link will open into device’s system browser. You can use valid https link. So if your link contains files like PDF files then users can view / download it from the device’s system browser.

(2) In-app link means this link will open inner page of the app. You can put in-app links data state & params. You can hide the inner page from the main menu and give access of it to the user using this link.

Assign link to users: You can select one or multiple users from the list.

Remarks: This field will be visible to admin only so you can put your notes / remarks there.

Manage links: In this section link title, remarks and position will be displayed. You can edit, delete and reorder links using drag and drop.

App screenshots: Users will see their respective links.

List / card design:

Two layouts:


  • Module doesn’t offer In-app-browser / custom tab link type.
  • Module doesn’t offer any file upload functionalities.

User Links Module Demo:

You can check a live demo of the editor module here: 

Login details:

Password: pwademo123

After a login, open any app and go to Features page and add User Links feature to your app.


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