Beta Testing for Button Generator Module

Hello! We are looking for 5 beta testers for our upcoming button generator module for Siberian CMS.

What is a button generator module?

You or your users can generate a button code just by filling out a form. You can copy-paste this button code into source code module.

You can see a live preview of a button and set below button properties:

  • Button Text
  • Button Icon Image Enable / Disable
  • Button Icon Image URL & Size
  • Button Width & Height
  • Button Text, Background & Border Color
  • Button Border Style, Width & Radius
  • Button Text Font Size & Weight
  • Button Align & Button Content Align
  • Button Padding
  • Button Default Box Shadow Enable / Disable

Button Action:

  • In-App Links Button
  • Social Sharing Button
  • Call Button
  • SMS Button
  • Email Button
  • WhatsApp Button
  • Telegram Button
  • Instagram Button
  • Facebook Button
  • Messenger Button
  • Twitter Button
  • YouTube Button
  • Signal Group Button
  • Snapchat Button
  • Line Button
  • Skype Button
  • VK Button
  • Amazon Button
  • Viber Button
  • WeChat Button

We will implement button actions which will work universally across the devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, Desktop.

What is a beta testing?

We want some first users who help us in code testing across the devices and OS.

What are requirements to become beta testers?

You should have any one published (Android / iOS) app where you can add a source code feature for a testing purpose. You can also lock this feature for normal users and give access to certain users using Padlock / pro module, so while testing other users can’t see it. You just have to add this feature for a few minutes only while you complete the testing.

You should have Android 10+ / iPhone 14+ device for testing.

You should have social apps such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Snapchat, Viber, Line etc. installed on your devices. Not all apps installation required but as many as you can.

There will be two phase beta testing:

(1) Button code testing (First week of July)

(2) Module testing (Third / Fourth week of July)

Benefits for beta testers:

  • 10% to 30% discount on module based on tester’s testing feedback.
  • If we have missed any useful button action specific for your country then we might include it for you FREE of cost.
  • Gift worth of 39 EURO (It can be either any of our layout, CSS code or HTML template).

How to join beta testing?

Just send us an email ( with URL of your published Android / iOS app where you will test button codes, your testing device name and OS version, list of installed social apps on your testing device.

On 2nd July we will email to all of our beta testers for first phase of button code testing.