How to use External PWA Push Sender?

By default, Your users can send PWA push notifications using the PWA Push Sender Editor Module. This is an extra push sender that your client can access it by visiting a link.

How to activate external push sender page?

You will find a section “External Push Sender” in the Pwa Push backoffice module to enable / disable this option.

You can access the external push sender page just by visiting a link in the browser. This link URL scheme is given in the Pwa Push back-office module.

If you’ve enabled it, then there will be an option (Enable Push Sender Page) visible in the PWA Creator Editor Module while generating the PWA. Here you have to set password for push sender, so only your client can send push notification from the external page.

Note: If you want to use external PWA push sender then contact us to activate the config file.