Popup Notification Overview

We’re going to launch a popup notification builder platform. Purpose is to display a dynamic popup notification into Siberian editor.

Free Trial: You can sign up at https://popup.uappz.com/ and try our platform until September-20, 2022.

How it works?

Step-1: Register and create a campaign by adding your Siberian domain.

Step-2: Create a notification and enable it.

Step-3: Install our javascript code in your Siberian.

You can watch our video overview here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAVgoHxaY8Q


There are four types of popup notifications available, click on the link below to know more about it.


Visit: https://appzadmin.com/

Login details:

Email: demo@demo.com and Password: pwademo123

Note: We’ll launch our platform after September-25, 2022 and email all registered users about our launch offer.