Bundle of 8 Layouts

Note: These layouts are Compatible with Self-hosted Siberian SAE, MAE & PE from v-4.18.0 and above.

Regular Price of 8 Layouts: 312€ with Lifetime Support & Updates

Special Offer Price: 156€  (50% Discount – Limited Time Offer)

Use Coupon Code: 50-OFF


(1) Pizza Slice Menu Layout: https://shop.webvista.co.in/downloads/pizza-slice-menu-layout/

(2) FAB Menu-3 Layout: https://shop.webvista.co.in/downloads/fab-menu-3-layout/

(3) FAB Menu-4 Layout: https://shop.webvista.co.in/downloads/fab-menu-4-layout/

(4) Branch Menu Layout: https://shop.webvista.co.in/downloads/branch-menu-layout/

(5) Layout-S1: https://shop.webvista.co.in/downloads/layout-s1/

(6) Top Radial Menu Layout: https://shop.webvista.co.in/downloads/top-radial-menu-layout/

(7) Layout-53: https://shop.webvista.co.in/downloads/layout-53/

(8) Layout Wow: https://shop.webvista.co.in/downloads/layout-wow/