This is a layout with a top title bar and footer centered menu button. On click a menu button, scrollable main menu will be opened.

Layout Options:

  • Title text
  • Title text color & background color
  • Footer menu background color
  • Menu button background color
  • Menu button icon color
  • Main menu background & border color
  • Main menu height
  • Main menu text transform
  • Main menu default state opened or closed
  • Option to show/hide first & fourth feature from the main menu and footer menu
  • Option to show/hide second & third feature from the main menu and footer menu

Pre-purchase & Development Goals:

— Our pre-purchase goal is to acquire 20 supporters.

— Pre-purchase period: 18th November to 26th November.

— Development period: 27th November to 5th December.

— Layout demo will be available between 5th December to 10th December.

— We’re hoping to get this layout released on the Siberian marketplace by the end of December 2021.

Current Status as on 30th November:

— Pre-purchase period is over.

— Total number of supporters: 14

— Layout demo is ready.

— Layout CSS codes are ready.

— Layout submitted for review to the Siberian team.

Layout available on the Siberian marketplace:

Layout Demo:

Visit: and login with below details:

Password: pwademo123


  • We’ll provide CSS codes (worth of 15€) of this layout to initial supporters FREE of cost.
  • This layout will definitely be developed between the given time frame however if we complete our goal before 26th November then we can speed up our workflow to get it developed before the given time frame.
  • This layout will be compatible with SAE/MAE/PE version 4.20.26 and later.
  • You can check our layout support policy here.
  • We don’t provide any refunds.

CSS Customizations Preview:

(1) You can customize the main menu design using CSS. Here are four examples of it.

(2) You can customize the footer menu design using CSS. Here are examples of it.


(1) Can you provide layout translations file like a module translations file?


(2) Color picker in the layout options will be an enhancement, can you do it?

No, because sometime some users want to use hex color codes and some users want to use rgba color codes, so it’s better to leave it without color picker.

(3) Can you customize the layout, just for me as I want?

If your customizations will be useful to all customers then we might include it to the default layout FREE of cost, otherwise you can request us a paid customized layout for you.

(4) Can I transfer the ownership of this layout to other customer?

If you’re selling your whole Siberian to other customer then you are allowed to do it. If you just want to transfer the ownership of a layout to other customer then you can’t.

(5) Can you provide discount on this layout in future?

We will never give discount on this layout once pre-purchase period ends. As a goodwill gesture for our initial supporters, we’re offering this layout at a discounted price of 30€ with lifetime support & updates during it’s pre-purchase period.

(6) I have a question, where to ask?

You can contact us here.

From 39.00€