Siberian CMS PWA Module (Bundle of 3 Modules)

Note: PWA Module is Compatible with Self-hosted Siberian MAE & PE from v-4.18.0 and above.

Convert Siberian WebApp into Progressive Web App (PWA) using PWA Module.

Siberian PWA Features:

  • Add to Homescreen
  • iPhone Install Pop-up
  • Facebook PWA Pop-up
  • Splash Screens
  • Offline Page
  • Web Share API Support
  • Web Push Notifications

Our Siberian PWA System includes 3 Modules.

(1) PWA BackOffice Module

(2) PWA Creator Editor Module

(3) PWA Push Module

PWA BackOffice Module:

This module will help you to manage your Siberian PWAs.

  • Activate & de-activate PWA Creator Editor Module access for users.
  • PWA Activator & de-activator using App URL Key & User Email.
  • List of Activated & Published PWAs.
  • Custom Domain Activator & de-activator.

PWA Creator Editor Module:

This module will allow your editor users to generate & publish PWA themselves.

  • PWA Details are stored in a database, so no need to re-input all fields while re-generating PWA.
  • iPhone Install & Facebook PWA Pop-up customization options with live demo preview.
  • Option to enable External PWA Push Sender Page with Password.
  • Users can self Generate/re-generate & Publish/re-publish PWAs themselves.
  • Default PWA Link with click-to-copy button & QR Code.
  • Users (activated through PWA Activator using User Email) can self-activate PWA themselves.

PWA Push Module:

This module will enable Firebase Web Push Notification for Siberian PWA.

  • PWA Push BackOffice Page to set-up Firebase Config & Server Key.
  • PWA Push Sender Editor Module to send PWA Push Notifications.
  • List of sent PWA Push Messages.
  • External PWA Push Sender Page.

How it works?

  • Activate PWA for your users.
  • Users will fill PWA Details and Save data.
  • Users will upload a PWA App Icon and Publish PWA.

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